Spelling Bee

spelling banner
The Spelling Bee has arrived at Bowling Park, ready to test you on those tricky words! Each month Brian the Bee will be visiting your assemblies and testing children on their spellings. Make sure you keep practising in school and at home so you are prepared!

Learning your spellings will help you to become a better reader and writer.

Here are some ways you can practise at home:

    1. Use your special Spelling Bee Practise Book – look, say, cover, write and then check the words. Keep practising until you get it right. You could even ask somebody at home to help you.
    2. Play spelling games using one of these websites
    3. Practise spellings using word searches.
    4. When you are visiting the supermarket or park, try to spell things that you see. You could even get your brothers or sisters, or your friends, to test you.

Here is a list of all of the spellings you will need to learn. Each half-term, we will change to the next list:

Spelling List One
Spelling List Two
Spelling List Three
Spelling List Four
Spelling List Five