Responsible Citizens – Promoting British Values



“The school’s curriculum provides highly positive experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning. It has a very positive impact on all pupils behaviour and safety and contributes very well to pupils’ academic achievement and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.” Ofsted, 2013

Bowling Park Primary aims to provide a welcome, secure and caring environment in which all pupils and staff have the opportunity to succeed and to learn. By recognising individual needs and qualities, we aim to develop mutual respect, self-discipline and encourage all our children to become successful learners. We help children to be caring and to take responsibility for making the appropriate choices. Our children learn together and from each other, and we take great pride in our school as a happy and harmonious community. All children take part in a programme of assemblies and activities which develop children’s knowledge of and respect for their own and other peoples’ beliefs and cultures and allow them to understand and value the country and the world they live in.

On this page, you will find more information about the ways we are promoting British Values throughout school life.

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens

Understanding different faiths

Our weekly faith assemblies celebrate and promote an understanding of the different faiths and cultures in our community. Our assemblies end with a school reflection written by the pupils and a moment of contemplation.

school reflection

Our curriculum creates opportunities for children to develop an appreciation and respect of their own and other cultures, and promotes an understanding of the importance of tolerance and harmony.

Democracy and the School Council at Bowling Park Primary

Our pupils in school have a voice that is listened to. Our School Council is elected by pupils in school. Each year, children from Year 2 to Year 6 vote and elect School Council representatives for their class. The School Council are a big part of school life, and play an important role in developing the quality of learning. It is also a great way to continue to develop a sense of democracy within school.

Our School Council achieved a great success when we were re-awarded the Investors in Pupils accreditation. In a letter to the pupils, one of the assessors wrote:

“I am very grateful to the School Council and other pupils who came to talk to me, for helping me to understand how your school works. Everyone I met had a lot to tell me and you all were very clear and confident! I was very pleased to find out about the many things that the staff do to help you. They work hard to make the school such a good place to be where everyone enjoys their learning. You showed me many examples of the excellent work that has been completed by children in every age group, in your workbooks and on display. You told me that:

  • Behaviour is very good and you feel safe in school
  • You enjoy coming to school and you know that learning now will help you in the future.
  • You understand and enjoy the importance of ‘Going the Extra Mile’
  • Your teachers make a teacher promise to make sure that your lessons are interesting and fun
  • You are very keen to achieve your targets.
  • Your ideas are listened to and the school/class councils mean your ideas can be promoted.”

Contributing to our community

Children at Bowling Park understand the importance of contributing positively to those living in our local community and to national and international charities. Each year, our school has a campaign to collect food for the Bradford Food bank. Recently, our children have raised money for MacMillan Cancer Care, the Royal British Legion and the Disasters Emergency Committee following the earthquakes in Nepal.


Exploring Britain
Our children have the chance to explore and experience, not just their immediate environment, but the wider Country too. Children at Bowling Park regularly take part in trips and activities which encourage a love of Britain and a respect for its cultures and traditions. Examples of this can be seen in this video:

Understanding our shared history

Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to develop an understanding of our local and national history. Children visit local sites of historical interest, including Bolling Hall, Skipton Castle, Eden Camp, Armley Mills and the Imperial War Museum to find out how life in Britain has changed.

In their topic ‘War and Peace’, Year 4 learnt about the tragedy of war and the importance of remembrance.  As part of this, the children worked with Dave Hulston, Andy Tooze and Matt Howarth to create poems, artwork and films to tell the story of the First World War. This work was exhibited to the public at Bolling Hall. The children also planted home-made poppies in our school grounds.

This work was continued with Dr Kathryn Hughes and the Bradford Bulls Heritage Foundation, who worked with Year 4 pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the impact of World War 1 on our local community. Through a mixture of historical research and innovative art work, the pupils discovered the life stories of local rugby players who lost their lives in World War 1. Pupils created portraits, collages, maps and landscapes. The children organised an art exhibition in school for their parents, pupils and guests to attend, for which they received an Arts Award. The project culminated in the children creating a commemorative wreaths to remember the players who had lost their lives in the Battle of the Somme. The wreaths were taken to France and laid in the Commonwealth Graveyard where the players were buried.