Learning Links


On this page you will find lots of fantastic links to exciting websites! These websites have an abundance (another word for ‘lots’) of information, games and activities that you can do at home. Some of the websites might require a password, which you should be able to get from your teacher.

Oxford Owl is a great website where you can access loads of books online for free! (The books also work on tablets, such as ipads). To access the books, just click on ‘My Class Login’ in the top right-hand corner of the website – the username is ‘bowlingpark’ and the password is ‘BPPS’.

Oxford Owl link picture
StoryCraft is a website that helps you to plan and write your own stories. It also has helpful tips from famous authors!

TopMarks is a great website with lots of games to test your maths and English skills. Our favourite game is the times tables game, because it is good practise for our Maths Magician assemblies! But you can also try fractions, shapes, decimals, grammar, punctuation and lots more! What makes this site even better, is that there are different sections for different age groups so it is easy to find the right game for you.

The Children’s University of Manchester’s website is a fascinating source of information about all things science! Our favourite page tells us what planets are in our solar system. Which page do you find the most interesting?

Junior Librarian.net is our school’s library service. It allows you to search the whole contents of the school library plus thousands of interesting web links from school or at home!

Purple Mash is an online version of the popular 2Simple software we use in school. Each pupil should have received a username and password to be able to access the site.

Newsround is the terrific online version of the famous children’s news programme from the BBC.

Pixlr Editor is an incredible free online image editor. Use it to create basic line drawings or incredibly sophisticated pieces of art. Images can be printed or saved at the click of a button.

Love writing and being creative? Then Words for Life is the website for you! This wonderful website is jam-packed with exciting activities to inspire even the most reluctant of writers.