Our School Curriculum

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens

At Bowling Park we believe that learning should be exciting and challenging. We try to make sure that each school day brings new experiences, challenges and opportunities for all our children. It is our intention to provide children with the best possible learning experiences to help them to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. This page provides lots of information about our school curriculum, but if you require more information, please contact the school office or your child’s class teacher.

Successful Learners

Our school curriculum is carefully planned to make sure that children learn about a variety of exciting topics. These topics have been designed to provide excellent learning opportunities where children can develop key skills, enjoy exciting, real-life experiences and make very good progress in developing language, maths and literacy skills. We aim to make sure our children are ready to take on the world in the 21st century. Our children consistently use new technologies (I-pads and netbooks) to support their learning, work in our state of the art science lab and learn a Modern Foreign Language in Key Stage Two.

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Confident Individuals

Our approach to building confidence and resilience begins in the Foundation Stage where children are encouraged to play and explore, to solve problems, to share and communicate. Visits and visitors to school begin in year one. Exciting visits and activities are a key part of learning at Bowling Park. In key stage one, for example, everyone has the chance to visit a farm and meet a farmer, to see a shark in the Deep and to go to the seaside with friends. Residential visits begin in year four with visits to Nell Bank, Whitby and the Lake District. In key stage two there are yet more opportunities to develop skills in sports, music, cooking, gardening, science and technology.

Children at Bowling Park are encouraged to think about their future lives, both as they move into secondary school, and into the wider world as adults. GEM Days provide an exciting opportunity for children to learn about the variety of jobs and careers available, and the skills and attributes they will need to be successful.

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Responsible Citizens

We encourage children to be caring and to take responsibility for making the appropriate choices. Our children learn together and from each other, we take great pride in our school as a happy and harmonious community. Our school council helps us to improve teaching and learning in our school. Our children regularly take part in fund raising activities for local and national charities and take part in community initiatives such as Archie Bishop. All children take part in a programme of assemblies and activities which develop children’s knowledge of and respect for their own and other people’s beliefs and cultures and allow them to understand and value the country and the world they live in. To find out more about how we encourage our children to be responsible citizens, please see our Promoting British Values page.

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Please click on the year group you would like to read about below. On these pages, you will find detailed information about topics and expectations. You will also find a copy of our Family Learning Letter, which gives lots of advice about how to help you children at home.

KS1 and KS2 Curriculum Overviews
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Our Reading Journey

Learning to read at Bowling Park begins with learning phonics, whilst enjoying some of the best books and stories around. Our aim is that all children learn to read and write the 44 phonemes by the end of Year 1.

Classroom activities and interventions ensure that children move quickly and easily through all the sounds, before moving onto new reading skills. Here at Bowling Park we use a whole school phonics programme called ‘Speed Sounds’ and ‘Monster Phonics’, to make sure that all our children make good progress. Phonics lessons are fun and have clear structure, pace and progression underpinned by regular assessment. Children’s early reading in Key Stage 1 is supported by using phonically decodable texts. High frequency words are taught as part of the phonics lesson.

Additional provision is made available for all children who do not make expected progress in phonics. Extra provision is made available to children in Yr2 and Yr3 who did not achieve the pass rate in the Yr1 phonics test.

Learning to Read

Learning to read is one of the most important skills we ever develop. At Bowling Park we have a whole school strategy to develop a love of reading and to create opportunities to learn to read across the curriculum. Every child has a reading record linked to their reading level, which includes lots of fun activities to encourage additional literacy skills such as descriptive writing and spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

The school has two libraries and children have access to a wide range of high quality texts, to read in school and to share at home. Many of these books are from the Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby Star reading schemes and include non-fiction and poetry as well as a wide range of fiction. These books are organised using the Book Banding colours so that the children read books that are appropriate for their reading level. For those children who are at the early stages of learning we have a collection of phonetically decodable books from the Oxford Reading Tree, Phonics Bug and Dandelion Reader schemes.

Children are heard read regularly by trained adults and take part in group reading lessons every day at 1.00pm across school. This is an important part of our school’s strategy to promote consistency across school, for more information please see our Consistencies page.

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Pride and presentation

Its important that children take pride in their work, as presentation and good handwriting are key life skills which they will need as they move through life. At Bowling Park, ‘Penny the Pencil’ regularly visits assemblies and classes to encourage children to:

    • take pride in the presentation of my work
    • understand the importance of writing and joining letters correctly
    • write quickly in order to express themselves creatively and imaginatively

This is further encouraged with the introduction of our two book approach, which helps children to see their progress across the curriculum in one ‘learning journey’. The books emphasis the need for consistent and well-presented work.