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The latest Newsletter is out now!

Newsletter and attendance for this week

This week’s newsletter is now out!

Year 4 Nell Bank Residential

Year 4 had a FANTASTIC time on their Nell Bank residential this week. The children were impeccably behaved; a real credit to our school. They enjoyed activities including a bug hunt, pond dipping, walk to the famous ‘Cow and Calf’ and fish ‘n chips!

Check out some of the photos from their trip here:


Lightwater Valley trip

Yr5 and Yr6 children with fantastic attendance were treated to a trip to Lightwater Valley this week. They had a brilliant day out; enjoying the thrills of rides such as The Ultimate!


GEM Day 2017

Today year 6 went the extra mile visiting different industries in Bradford. The advertising and publicity team have been busy managing the Twitter live feed and creating a range of material. Below, is a video the team created using photos from the day. What a fantastic day everybody has had, especially the children.

GEM Day Film – June 2017 from Tiffany Baxter on Vimeo.

Newsletter and attendance for this week

This week’s newsletter is now out! Take a look here…


A swarm of bees has visited the New Cross Street playground today. An expert has confirmed that the bees are ok and has advised that all children and adults remain calm. As a precaution children will need to be collected via alternative entrances. Please see below for more details:

Nursery and Reception – Please collect from the Nursery front door.

Year 1 to Year 6 – Please collect from the bottom playground. There will be no access via the cycle path, so please enter the school grounds using the path near the crossing patrol (where Mr Gaffey stands).

Thank you for your support.


Newsletter and attendance for this week

Final episode of The World According to Kids

Its the last episode of ‘The World According to Kids’ tonight! Don’t forget to tune in at 8.00pm on BBC2 to see more of our lovely debating club in action.

Yr5 Whitby update!

Year 5 have had a FANTASTIC time in Whitby this week! They have enjoyed exploring the beach and the town, including their very exciting boat trip.

Fiona Phimister’s Slidely by Slidely Slideshow