Bowling Park’s SEN Policy


Please click here to view our SEN Policy. This policy will tell you all about the SEN provision we have available at Bowling Park Primary School. Further information can be found in our Bowling Park Local Offer, which is available here. If you would like to view Bradford Council’s Local Offer, please click here

Bowling Park strives for equality in all aspects of school. This includes the admission of children with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. For more information about our admissions process, which is the same for all children, please click here.

You can find more information about our accessibility plan here.

Evaluation of the Local Offer
As a result of the provision in place, SEND children at Bowling Park Primary School make good progress. Through support and training, staff are able to accurately assess children and place them on the correct range so that their needs are met through school or outside agencies. Because children have been placed accurately on the correct range, the school has had an increase in pupils receiving an Educational Health Care Plan from the local authority (range 4). These pupils then receive an individualised curriculum, so therefore make expected progress in all areas due to targeted supported from adults and precise monitoring. SEND children make very good progress in maths (nearly in the top 10% nationally KS2). As well as this, SEND pupils make good progress in reading due to pinpointing children’s difficulties and then addressing these through extra interventions such as catch up reading and Beat Dyslexia. This is additional to quality first teaching. Writing progress is good for some children at Bowling Park. However, this is a target for our school this year.

For further information, you can also speak to one of the SEN team:

Laura Breslin
Lead Practitioner
01274 770270/01274 723255


Sarah Buckle(currently on maternity leave)
01274 723255/770270

Sadie Cordingley
Assistant Head for Vulnerable Pupils
01274 723255

Jo Beckett
SEN Teacher and SEN Team Support
01274 770270