World Book Day 2017

World Book Day is just around the corner!


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Newsletter and attendance

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Parents’ Evening

Parents’ Evening is just around the corner:

Wednesday 1st March at NCS
Thursday 2nd March at US

Letters went out this week with details of how you can book an appointment to see your child’s teacher. Please make sure you send the letter back as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the slot you would like.

Thank you

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Water Aid Campaign and Non-Uniform Day

On Fri 17th February, we will be launching our new campaign to support Water Aid! Please come to school on 17th in blue-themed non-uniform and donate 50p, or more if you can afford it.

The launch will be the start of a great campaign to raise money for the charity. Keep you eyes peeled for further events/non-uniform days etc. In fact, to make the campaign really exciting, we will be running a competition between all the classes to see who can raise the most money.

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February half-term activities!

Check out all the great activities happening in and around Leeds/Bradford over the half-term holidays! Why not visit a few with your family?

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Uniform price increase

Please note that from 24th April, there will be an increase in some of our uniform prices. This is due to a supplier cost increase.

Fleeces will be £9.50

P.E. t-shirts will be £3.00

Thank you.


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Newsletter and attendance for this week

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Check out Yr3’s erupting volcanoes!

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Volunteers wanted!

Bradford Trident and partners have acquired 700 new saplings to be planted on Elmsley’s Rec on Saturday 28th of January. Calling all volunteers, we need you! Register your interest by calling or texting 07929 167958 or simply emailing

This is because the air quality of BD5 and surrounding areas is the poorest in the district. Especially as we have the two main arterial routes in to the city that dissect the area. Poor air quality affects the health of wildlife and those living in the area. Especially our children and the elderly who are most susceptible. Trees and new saplings absorb many of these pollutants and provide clean oxygen in return, a priceless trade!

If you bring the will and energy we’ll bring the spades, cakes and hot drinks! If you have any questions just drop us a call on the above number or alternatively you can call 01274 768062

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Year 6 IMPs trip

Year 6 have had a brilliant time this week, as they have all had the chance to visit Bradford Royal Infirmary as part of the IMPs trip. The children learnt essential life saving skills, such as CPR.

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